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Summer Learning Academy

By 2020, Elevate Tuscaloosa will allow for an additional 250 students to participate in Summer Learning Academies.

In 2018, the Tuscaloosa City Schools' Summer Learning Academy saw students close the achievement gap between all students and those attending a summer learning program in both reading and math - a closing of the learning gap that represents an average of at least two months’ of learning. 

Tuscaloosa City Schools handles the administration. Please contact them for more information.

About Elevate Tuscaloosa Summer Learning


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Tuscaloosa City Schools is committed to closing the achievement gap that exists for students in our system. One strategy we've added is a summer learning program designed to offer high-quality academic instruction and engaging enriched learning opportunities at an affordable price. The City of Tuscaloosa's support of the TCS Summer Learning Academy through Elevate means more students will have the opportunity to participate through scholarships.

Michael J. Daria, Ed.D.


Tuscaloosa City Schools

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