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Elevate Parks & Recreation (Tree & Green

Snow Hinton Park

Updated Feb 20, 2024

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Phase 1 of construction at Snow Hinton Park will begin with a contract to plan and design the work that will be completed in this phase.  Elements included in the master plan of the park will be prioritized and selected for implementation.  A team with technical expertise will create detailed construction plans and documents to implement the selected elements. Any items in the master plan that are not included in the first phase of work will be held for future implementation.

The master plan to envision the future of Snow Hinton Park was completed in early 2021. This process determined how the park is being used, what opportunities are available within the space, and what improvements residents would most like to see at the park. The finished plan guides decisions about future updates made to the park. In addition, an inventory and condition assessment was made of the surrounding roads, pedestrian amenities, traffic, lighting, and water and sewer systems. This provides an understanding of the public infrastructure that is available in and around the park, as well as the flow of traffic in the area.

Purchased by the city in 1975, Snow Hinton Park is Tuscaloosa’s most visible park. The 40-acre green space is located along U.S. Highway 82 (McFarland Boulevard) a short distance north of Interstate 20/59 in an area surrounded by commercial and residential development. Thousands of people drive by each day. Featuring a walking track, pavilions, large climbing net and slide, public art display, and large open green fields, the park is a popular destination for residents.

Goals and Impact
  • Obtain community feedback about desired improvements

  • Update and enhance the park’s appearance, programs, and amenities 

  • Enhance opportunities for outdoor recreation and quality of life for residents and visitors

Project Updates

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Key Milestones & Events
  • May 2020: collected community feedback with an online survey through June 2020

  • June 2020: held a virtual public workshop on this website

  • February 2021: completed the infrastructure inventory and condition assessment

  • February 2021: completed the park master plan

  • June 2022: master agreement entered with Barge Design Solutions to begin design work of Phase 1

  • November 2023: construction contract executed with John Plott Company, Inc. for Phase 1

  • December 2023: groundreaking held

Up Next:
  • Complete construction of Phase 1

Financial Information

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Budget: The total amount of money that the City expects to be spent to complete this project. This amount is only finalized once sufficient planning on the project has been completed.

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