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Saban Center

Updated Feb 23, 2024

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Saban Center will unite Ignite (formerly Children's Hands-On Museum or CHOM), the Tuscaloosa Children's Theatre, and the State of Alabama in a unique public-private partnership. The project was catalyzed by generous donations from Nick and Terry Saban and their non-profit organization, Nick's Kids Foundation.  Featuring STEM and arts programs, interactive learning, and a state STEM hub for local and regional school districts, Saban Center will be an anchor downtown near the riverfront.  

Work began with the completion of a master plan for the facility. Each participating organization determined requirements and needs for their new space. Research was conducted to establish best practices from the top educational centers in the nation. Ongoing work includes architectural design efforts, a capital fundraising campaign, and business/operational analysis and planning.  Future phases will include construction, exhibit fabrication, and installation of furnishings before the building opens to the public.

Parker-Haun Park is intended to serve as an outdoor extension of the Saban Center by allowing additional programming opportunities. A new pedestrian bridge linking the future Saban Center and Parker-Haun Park was complete in December 2023.

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Goals and Impact
  • Deliver immersive, educational STEM and arts experiences

  • Unite beloved local organizations to provide unique opportunities for children and families

  • Provide professional development to Alabama educators in STEM curriculum


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Key Milestones & Events
  • October 2019: property purchased

  • August 2021: Nick's Kids Avenue Street Renaming Jubilee (more info here)

  • October 2021: Audrey Buck named Director of Saban Center (more info here)

  • April 2022: contracted for program management and owner's representative services with Volkert and The Projects Group

  • May 2022: master plan unveiled (more info here)

  • November 2022: contracted for architectural and related design services with Davis Architects and Steinberg Hart

  • June 2023: State of Alabama partners with Saban Center to create innovative STEM hub for local and regional school districts

Up Next:
  • Complete design documents

  • Complete public phase of the capital fundraising campaign

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