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Updated Oct 20 2020

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Elevate Tuscaloosa is exploring the available options for acquiring or building a larger Tuscaloosa Police Department hangar facility that can house at least six helicopters and office space for police staff and mechanics who work on the aircraft. The project will also provide mechanical equipment needed to perform necessary maintenance and repairs to the fleet. This hangar will continue to serve as the police department’s hub of operations at the Tuscaloosa National Airport into the future.

The Helicopter Unit performs search and rescue operations, traffic control, general patrol, vehicle pursuit assistance, drug activity intervention, and support for emergencies. Originally built for one helicopter about 50 years ago, the existing hangar facility is too small for modern operations.

Goals and Impact
  • Obtain a hangar at the airport that stores at least six police helicopters

  • Obtain office space for Tuscaloosa Police Department staff and mechanics


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