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Updated Oct 23 2020

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For the Fall 2020 Semester, Elevate Tuscaloosa funding allowed for every interested, wait-listed family to access virtual pre-k programming. Elevate funding was also used to:

  • Purchase laptops for our families without access to one

  • Purchase virtual instruction software for teachers

  • Purchase supplies and materials for teachers

  • Supply backpacks for children with teaching materials for virtual instruction


During the 2019-2020 school year, Elevate Tuscaloosa provided funding to Tuscaloosa City Schools (TCS) for three additional Pre-K classrooms. This funding allowed an additional 54 kids to be placed in pre-k and six teachers to be hired by TCS. The Elevate plan anticipates that funding for this program will be maintained or increased each year in the future.

The Pre-K program administered by the Tuscaloosa City Schools (TCS) allows children to receive a year of schooling before starting kindergarten. Studies have shown that effective pre-k programs have positive impacts on children’s reading and math performance in kindergarten, when compared with children who do not participate in pre-k. Furthermore, pre-k programs are likely to generate larger benefits for economically disadvantaged children than for their more advantaged peers. According to 2018 research from the University of Alabama, 80 percent of the academically at-risk students who participated in pre-k in Tuscaloosa were reading on grade level by kindergarten.

Tuscaloosa City Schools handles the administration. Please contact them for more information.

Goals and Impact
  • Expand access for children to effective pre-k programs

  • Ensure that every family with a child who wants to participate in pre-k has the opportunity to do so

  • Positively impact future academic, economic, and social performance of children

Project Updates


“I am so excited to be teaching one of the Elevate pre-k classes.  This is an essential program to prepare students for the start of elementary school. I know it improves the students' language and early literacy skills. The program also excites the minds of our youngest learners and creates a desire for life-long learning. We are blessed to have a city that believes in the importance of Early Childhood Education and I am proud to be a part of shaping the success of our City's future. Thank you for believing in our students!” 

– Jacqueline Dennis, Ed.S., Pre-K Teacher, Arcadia Elementary School

“Elevate’s Pre-K funding means a whole lot to my family, and I’m very thankful for the opportunity that it has given my daughter, Tiera. I’m thankful not just for my child, but for all the children who are able to get going early and get prepared for kindergarten.  

– Tiasia Tabb, Pre-K Parent


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