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Updated Oct 29 2020

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Project plans will be made available to bidders on Monday, November 23.  You can find the city's bid postings here.


The Northern Riverwalk project begins east of McFarland Boulevard (near the Woolsey-Finnell Bridge) and will continue for approximately 3,000 linear feet to the east. The plans include a park, trailhead, recreational path, pavilion, parking area, playground, and other features. Future phases are anticipated to extend the length of the trail and amenities along the northern riverfront. This phase of the project is made possible by a 19-acre land donation from the Randall family, valued at $2.72 million.

Tuscaloosa’s Riverwalk on the south bank of the iconic Black Warrior River is one of the most popular destinations in the city. The existing 2.5-mile path extends from the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on the west side to the area adjacent to North Campus Way on the east side. Several parks and amenities also exist along the path. The previous phases of the Riverwalk were constructed according to the original 2003 Riverwalk Master Plan, which was updated in 2018. The updates suggested several new phases for the path. Elevate Tuscaloosa is focusing on two areas– the Western Riverwalk south of the river and the Northern Riverwalk north of the river.

Goals and Impact
  • Provide riverfront access in North Tuscaloosa

  • Create a popular destination that provides recreational opportunities

  • Improve connectivity by linking the Riverwalk to nearby residential and commercial areas


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