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Updated Oct 07 2020


Tuscaloosa is considering whether or not to build space to accommodate large events. Examples include conferences, conventions, athletics, performances, corporate and civic outings, and a variety of other events. When successfully built and operated, spaces like this improve quality of life for residents and generate income for the city through tourism activity. Visitors travel to town to participate in the event, spending money on hotels, food, gas, and other items while here.

The first phase of the project will explore the feasibility of constructing a conference/convention center and/or sports tourism and event space within the City of Tuscaloosa. The feasibility study will evaluate existing and project future demand for a facility, examine the appropriate size of any recommended facilities, evaluate the best location, recommend partnering strategies, determine associated capital and operating costs, and assess the impact of any recommended facilities on the local economy. The results of the feasibility study will determine if future project phases are necessary.

Goals and Impact
  • Explore the possibility of providing a destination to host entertainment events, conferences, conventions, athletic events, and other attractions in order to generate tourism and to serve local residents, organizations, and industries

  • Conduct a professional study to determine the viability of adding event space in Tuscaloosa and use it to make informed decisions


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