Downtown, Riverfront, and Workforce Transit

Updated Oct 20 2020


Elevate Tuscaloosa hired Kimley Horn to complete a transit study. Gathering feedback from the public and other stakeholders is an important part of the study and will provide information about desired improvements.  In addition, Kimley Horn will gather and analyze data about the existing transit system in order to understand who is using the system, why they are using it, where they are going, how many riders are on each route, the cost of operating each route, and what facilities and equipment Tuscaloosa County Parking and Transit Authority (PATA) currently uses. The final study will recommend improvements to operations and services, recommend routes that should be added, address the need for and feasibility of a rapid downtown-riverfront route, and plan for any necessary future purchases of equipment, buses, and facilities.

PATA is headquartered in downtown Tuscaloosa and currently operates seven routes in the city, carrying around 350,000 riders each year. Routes are currently operated only on weekdays. In addition, a route carries fans from the downtown station to the University of Alabama campus on home-game Saturdays during football season. PATA’s operations are funded in majority part by federal grants, with the balance paid by the City of Tuscaloosa. The transit system was last studied professionally over 20 years ago.

Goals and Impact
  • Connect more citizens to their jobs in order to remove barriers to employment

  • Provide rapid transit among popular downtown and riverfront destinations in order to provide a better, more convenient experience for people spending time in this area

  • Expand hours and routes, including nights and weekends in order to connect people to the places they need to go throughout the day and week


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Key Milestones & Events
Up Next:
  • Fall/Winter 2020: engaging with community stakeholders to get feedback about the transit system

  • PATA requested qualifications from firms between October 28, 2019 and November 27, 2019 to conduct a transit study

  • Finalists were interviewed on December 9, 2019

  • Kimley-Horn was selected and given notice to begin their work in February 2020


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