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Updated Nov 02 2020

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Elevate Tuscaloosa hired Ellis Architects to develop a master plan for the theatre. The master plan process will determine how the space is used currently and suggest ideas for how it might be used in the future. The work will include extensive research with technical experts and benchmarking against venues across the country. The final master plan will propose phased improvements to the building that would both create a better experience for performers, crews, and audiences and also introduce new programming opportunities. 

Opened in 1938, the historic Bama Theatre is a well-known landmark in downtown Tuscaloosa and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Funding for construction of the building was provided by the federal Public Works Administration. Originally intended for screening films, the auditorium is now most often used for live performances ranging from concerts to theatre and dance and has a capacity of 1,079.

Goals and Impact
  • Plan improvements and modernizations to the theatre to allow for 21st century programming

  • Recognize and celebrate the historic value of the iconic building in the plans

  • Use the master plan for future improvements to the building


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