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Tuscaloosa Awarded $17.1 Million RAISE Grant

The City of Tuscaloosa has been awarded a RAISE grant for over $17.1 million dollars from the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) for University Boulevard Corridor improvements.

Elevate Tuscaloosa funds dedicated to the original University Boulevard Improvement project will be used to match around $10.5 million of the grant. The addition of the grant funding will allow the City to significantly expand the project from its original scope.

The goal of the project is to improve the safety and accessibility of University Boulevard, prioritizing pedestrian access. Originally focused on the downtown area and the Strip, the expanded project will include improvements to a section of University Boulevard in the Alberta area, between 25th Avenue East and Crescent Ridge Road.

Improvements will include: increased storm drain capacity, streetscape enhancements, advancements in security and safety measures, sidewalk enhancements, and bike lanes and underground utilities in several locations.

“The City of Tuscaloosa could not be more thrilled to be among the recipients of the Department of Transportation’s RAISE Grant. These funds will give us the opportunity to make improvements to one of the major arteries connecting Tuscaloosa, thereby providing better connectivity across our community,” said Mayor Walt Maddox.

This grant is part of an over $18 million USDOT initiative to improve local infrastructure in Alabama. The RAISE grant program awards funding annually for important transportation and infrastructure projects across the nation, using a rigorous merit-based process to select projects to fund.

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