Elevate Education Savings
A family with a student who is eligible for and participates in all three of these programs could save an estimated $11,634.

Elevate’s education funding is working to remove access barriers to education in the City of Tuscaloosa. One of these barriers is the cost of pre-k, summer learning programs, and dual enrollment credits. By funding these programs, Elevate saves Tuscaloosa families money.

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Pre-K Classroom


A family with one child enrolled in Pre-K could save up to $4,134.*

Summer Learning Pre-K

Summer Learning

A family with one child enrolled in Summer Learning could save up to $4,940.**

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

A family with one student taking six hours of fully-funded
dual-enrollment credit could save
up to

* Alabama Childcare Market Rate Survey 2017 - The summary table on page 19 shows the average weekly cost for a day care in Region 6 (Tuscaloosa) for a school-age child is $106. ($106/week x 39 week school year)


** The Capitol School Summer Explorations - Programs pricing information shows $494 for full-day attendance at each two-week session. ($247/week x 5 week program x 4 years of attendance)


*** Based on conversations with the admissions department at each institution regarding tuition, books, and fees costs for dual-enrolled students. ($2,560 at The University of Alabama; $920 at Shelton State Community College; $600 at Stillman College)