Tuscaloosa Dual-Enrollment Scholarships

233 members of Tuscaloosa City Schools’ Class of 2021 are enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Scholarship Program for the Fall 2020 semester!

The Dual Enrollment Scholarship Program allows TCS seniors to take up to six fully-funded hours of college credit at The University of Alabama, Shelton State Community College, or Stillman College. All expenses, including books and fees, are completely covered. 

About Dual-Enrollment Scholarships

To qualify, students must:

  • Attend a TCS high school at least one year prior to taking courses as part of the Elevate Dual Enrollment Scholarship program;

  • Live in the Tuscaloosa City Schools’ residential attendance zones; 

  • Be classified as a senior; and

  • Meet institutions’ minimum grade point average requirements.


Tuscaloosa City Schools handles the administration. Please contact them for more information.


Dual enrollment is really beneficial for high school students who are getting ready for college. It helps to prepare us for college life and understand what we are going to have to do after high school. My dual enrollment scholarship is helping me get some credits out of the way so that when I enter college full-time, I can focus on the classes I need for my computer science major. Plus, it’s saving me a lot of money!

Tajiana Plump


Central High School

College lasts for a whole four years, so any classes you can get out of the way for free while you are still in high school is a great thing! One thing that I have learned is better time management. College classes are so different from high school classes. They require so much more work, so you have to organize your time better. Having been exposed to these classes, I feel a lot more prepared for college.

Tyrenee Nevith


Paul Bryant High School

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