Aerial photo of downtown Tuscaloosa
Elevate Connectivity (Road & Blue) - Whi

Proposed Connectivity Projects

Downtown - University Corridor

Improve the function and appearance along University Boulevard from Queen City Avenue to Reed Street.



  • Improve connectivity between the university and downtown

  • Consider multiple modes of transportation

Northern Riverwalk

Establish a riverwalk along the north bank of the Black Warrior River, including Randall Park and trailhead.


  • Add access to the riverfront in North Tuscaloosa

  • Promote recreational activities

  • Link riverwalk to residential and commercial areas

Project Trinity

Improvements to the roadways at the intersections of McFarland Boulevard, Skyland Boulevard, and Interstate 20/59.

Tuscaloosa National Airport

Improve and modernize the airport runway, terminal, and police hangar.


  • Attract commercial air service

  • Meet evolving needs of cargo service to better serve local industry

  • Provide comprehensive security upgrades

Western Riverwalk

Complete the existing riverwalk along the south bank of the Black Warrior River.


  • Enhance and improve access to the riverfront in West Tuscaloosa

  • Promote recreational activities

  • Stimulate private investment

Workforce, Downtown & Riverfront Transit

Optimize Tuscaloosa County Parking and Transit Authority (PATA) operations.


  • Connect more citizens to their jobs

  • Provide rapid transit to popular downtown and riverfront destinations

  • Expand hours and routes, including nights and weekends

*All Elevate projects listed above are proposed and subject to change.