Financial Overview

Elevate Tuscaloosa is funded through a combination of sales tax revenue, grants, donations, and matching state and federal funds. The Financial Analysis Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing the budget, which includes making recommendations about project feasibility and costs. Project ideas and budget projections are first sent to the Advisory Council for review and then to the City Council for a decision. Budget and financial information on this page will be updated at least once per quarter.

Updated Nov 02 2022


Funding to date


Spending to date


10-year Funding Projection

Where has the money come from?


Sales Tax Revenue (Net)

and Other Income


Grants & Private Funding


Borrowed Funds


Other Tuscaloosa City Funds

Impact Summary
  • Monthly garbage fees were reduced to $3.25 from $21.35 beginning October 1, 2019.

  • Multiple capital projects are underway, some under construction and others in the planning and design phase.

  • Funding to Tuscaloosa City Schools (TCS) for pre-k programs has resulted in hiring new teachers and enrolling every interested, wait-listed child in the program.

  • Funding to TCS has provided 391 members of Tuscaloosa City Schools senior and junior classes with a Dual Enrollment Scholarship for 2021-2022 school year.

  • During the summer of 2021, funding allowed TCS to provide summer learning classes for 1,550 pre-K through third grade students.

  • As a result of Elevate projects, the city has been awarded over $26 million in grants to-date and is leveraging community partnerships to make a greater impact.

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Spending Activity

Spending Activity


Education Spending


Administrative Spending


Capital Projects Spending


Interest Payments


Community Initiative Spending


Total Spending

Spending details for all Elevate projects and initiatives are listed in the tables shown below. Tables show both spending and funding sources for each project.


Spent: The amount paid for this project to-date.​
Approved: The amount that has been approved by the City Council to be spent for a specific contract or purpose on this project. In city accounting terms, this is the amount spent + encumbered.



Elevate Tuscaloosa Fund: City funds dedicated to Elevate Tuscaloosa which are allocated to this project.
Other City Funds: City funds from non-Elevate Tuscaloosa sources allocated to this project.
External Funding: Amounts from sources outside of the city, such as grants, or donations from citizens or private companies.

Education Initiatives 
Capital Projects 
Community Initiatives

Amounts shown in this table are only the Elevate Tuscaloosa portion

Project / Acct #
Elevate Funds
Other City Funds
Outside Funds

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Future Funding

Future Funding for Projects

This section describes how the City of Tuscaloosa currently intends to spend the cumulative projected income of the Elevate Fund over the next 10 years. The money will be spent on capital projects, educational programs, community initiatives, and operations and maintenance. These proposals are preliminary and subject to change as projects move from an exploratory phase to phases with an approved budget.

Updated Oct 27 2022


10 year funding projection



Anticipated project spending and expenses over the next 10 years (cumulative)


Anticipated repayment of borrowed funds over the next 10 years (cumulative)