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Budget Overview

Financial Overview

Elevate Tuscaloosa is funded by sales and use tax revenue, grants, donations, and other income. The Financial Analysis Subcommittee reviews the budget, which includes evaluating project feasibility and costs. Project ideas and budget projections are first discussed and reviewed by the Advisory Council and then sent to the City Council for decisions. Financial information on this page is updated each quarter.

Updated Sep 13 2023


Funding to date


Spending to date


10-year Funding Projection

Where has the money come from?


Sales Tax Revenue (Net)

and Other Income


Grants & Private Funding


Borrowed Funds


Other Tuscaloosa City Funds

Elevate Impact Highlights
  • Completed projects include

    • Randall Family Park and Trailhead at the Northern Riverwalk

    • River District Park

    • Phase 1 Renovation of McDonald Hughes Community Center

    • All-Inclusive Playground at Sokol Park

    • Improvements to Sokol Park North

    • Reconstruction of the main runway at Tuscaloosa National Airport

    • New helicopter hangar for Tuscaloosa Police Department

  • Many other projects are currently under planning or design efforts.

  • $1 out of every $5 collected by Elevate goes toward public safety employee payroll.

  • 650 kids participated in Tuscaloosa City Schools Pre-K (Fall 2022).

  • Elevate scholarships provided over 1,000 college credit hours for high school students (Fall 2022). 

  • 2,350 Pre-K through eighth grade students attended summer learning programs (Summer 2022).

  • 353 students have enrolled in or completed a program with Skilled Trades of West Alabama.

  • Elevate projects have earned the city over $27 million in grants to-date. 

  • Monthly garbage fees were reduced to $3.25 from $21.35 beginning October 1, 2019.

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Spending Activity

Spending Activity


Education Spending


Administrative Spending


Capital Projects Spending


Interest Payments


Community Initiative Spending


Principal Repayments


Total Spending

Spending details for each project are shown in the tables below, along with funding sources.


Approved: The total amount the City Council has approved for specific contracts or purposes.
 The amount paid to-date.​


Elevate Tuscaloosa Funds: City funds dedicated to Elevate Tuscaloosa which are allocated to this project.
Other City Funds: City funds from non-Elevate Tuscaloosa sources allocated to this project.
Outside Funds: Amounts from sources outside of the city (grants or donations).

Education Initiatives 
Capital Projects 
Community Initiatives

Amounts shown in this table are only the Elevate Tuscaloosa portion

Project / Acct #
Elevate Funds
Other City Funds
Outside Funds
Spending Activity
Future Funding

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Future Funding

Future Funding for Projects

This section presents the current plan to spend the cumulative actual and projected income of the Elevate Fund through the next 10 years. This plan may change as projects move from an exploratory phase to phases with approved budgets.

Updated Aug 22 2023


10 year funding projection



Anticipated spending through the next 10 years (cumulative)


Anticipated repayment of borrowed funds through the next 10 years (cumulative)

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