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About Elevate Tuscaloosa

About Elevate Tuscaloosa

Elevate Tuscaloosa is a City of Tuscaloosa initiative to invest $500 million dollars over 30 years into bold projects that will create a brighter future for our City. Elevate was approved in April of 2019 with a vision to provide the resources our community needs to move towards an experience-based economy and remain an exceptional place to live, work, and play. 


Guided by an Advisory Council of community leaders and direct feedback from residents, Elevate Tuscaloosa provides funding for education, arts, entertainment, parks, and transportation projects throughout our City. By investing in projects above and beyond the City’s day-to-day operations, Elevate is making Tuscaloosa a better place for you, your family, and your future.

Advisory Council

The Elevate Advisory Council was created to engage the community, develop ideas, make recommendations, and act as ambassadors for Elevate Tuscaloosa. Advisory Council members were selected based on their knowledge, expertise, and community experience. They are organized into three subcommittees: Connectivity, Cultural Arts & Tourism, and Parks & Recreation.  In addition, the Financial Analysis Subcommittee reviews projects under discussion by the other three subcommittees in order to consider each project's feasibility, construction costs, operational costs, maintenance costs, and other similar costs.  Two members from each of the three subcommittees serve on the Financial Analysis Subcommittee, along with the City Council President.

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