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The Saban Center has announced five major partnerships with Alabama Power Foundation, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Parker Towing and The University of Alabama.


Community Engagement Process

Aerial view of downtown Tuscaloosa

What is Elevate Tuscaloosa?

Elevate Tuscaloosa is a

community-driven process for strategically investing in education, cultural arts, tourism, parks, recreation, and connectivity.

Step 1

If you have a suggestion, concern, or question, complete the form below to contact Elevate staff.

Step 2

Your feedback may be reviewed by the Cultural Arts & Tourism,

Connectivity, or

Parks & Recreation Subcommittee.

Step 3

The subcommittee will take suggestions, concerns, or questions to the full Advisory Council.

Step 4

The Advisory Council will take suggestions, concerns, or questions to the Mayor.

Step 5

The Mayor may make recommendations to the City Council.

Community Engagement Process


AL-APA Award Article
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